Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BAD MOVIE THROWBACK *clip of the week*

Bring It On All Or Nothing 2006

responsible parties
Steve  Rash (American Pie Presents Band Camp)
Alyson Fouse -nada
Hayden Panettiere (Scream 4)
Solange Knowles (Johnson Family Vacation)

 Some Most sequels should never have been made. The very first Bring It On(2000)  is a personal favorite of mine. Its extremely funny sexy and sassy.  The actual cheerleading routines were amazing to watch and the stunts were spot on. Cheer leading is a sport goddamnit! Kirsten Dunst and Gabriel Union shine up like freshly pressed uniforms in the smartly made movie. It's the first and only Bring it On to make it to theaters sadly for very obvious reasons. This weeks movie clip is from one of the four disconnected sequels spawned from the 2000 classic. Hayden and Solange are competent actors but the script and storyline are worse than ever. The most disturbing thing in the movie is the dancing and cheer leading itself. This scene personifies the stereotype that "white people have no rhythm".  Watching Hayden Penitierre try to KRUMP DANCE makes me very uncomfortable. PS "getting mad" isn't the only thing that enables someone to be able to krump dance. You need actual skill. *(youtube video titled wrong sorry folks)*